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ATE ELECTRONICS S.r.l., for over 40 years manufacturer of wire resistors and armored with an aluminum heat sink, special resistors for high shock loads,
anti-inductive resistors, fuses, with the possibility of providing with terminals suitable to any requirement (high voltages, Faston, screw ...), planar thick film resistors,
resistors for applications on SMD, anti-condensation thermostated devices, resistors for dividers or discharge capacitors.


DARTON S.r.l., a company founded in 1982 as a distributor of connectors and mechanics for electronics.
Over the years it has gradually expanded the families of products marketed, coming to have a complete range of high quality products
high technological content.

lauma LAUMA ELETTRONICA S.r.l. manufacturer of standard transformers, PCB mounting  and low profile, plug power supplies, transformers for halogen lamps,  AC/AC and AC/DC,
power supplies, toroidal transformer for audio industry, industrial and electromedical devices 205000VA, lamellar transformer and switching transformer from 2,5 to 15W.
nissei NISSEI ELECTRIC CO, Ltd, Japanese company (with plants in China) manufacturer of plastic film capacitors
- polyester film capacitor for interference suppression and
fluorescent lamps application.

- polyethylene film capacitor for resonant and snubber circuits.
- polypropylene film capacitor with low dissipation factor for high-frequency circuits and audio application.
- metallyzed polyester and
polypropylene film capacitors  for high-frequency circuits, interference suppression of AC line and ignition devices.

- Capacitors for suppression in terference in class X2.
sacet SACET S.r.l., Italian manufacturer of temperature probes: PTC-NTC, resistance thermometers, thermocouples, probes to the heart with the possibility of construction
of many variations and customizations, even custom execution according to customer specifications.
Application areas: electronic temperature control, refrigeration and heating, professional ovens

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